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Stepfive is a full-service design and advertising company in Nijmegen for the consumer and business-to-business market, specialised in packaging design, branding (development of brand identities), campaign marketing (campaigns, DM activities, POS materials), corporate design (design, communications) and new media (web design and online campaigns). We primarily focus on Food & Beverage communications within the Hotel and Catering industry, the Foodservice and Retail sectors.


We work with our customers to design and develop inspiring projects on a daily basis. We analyse the possibilities for their brand name and help them look for market opportunities. Working together with our customers to make them successful, that is what we are all about!

Quick Bite for Aldi Netherlands

Stepfive conceptualized this new brand and created the packaging design for several ready-to-eat snack products. These products are packed in different forms and types of packaging such as films, sleeves and trays and are always in the same design. This new snackline also comes with matching shelf ready packaging cardboard carton boxes.
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Aviko Oerfriet launched

The launch of Aviko's Oerfriet, an authentic product of Dutch soil for the food service market, has come about through campaign marketing that was created by Stepfive. In addition to an extensive supporting ad campaign in trade magazines, there were posters created, information brochures, leaflets, roll-up banners and many more.
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Kips Cars Packaging design

[minimoments] Stepfive developed packaging for Kips Cars paté and luncheon meat.
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Do you have a question about design or communications? Don't hesitate to give us a ring at: +31 24 622 17 11.


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